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Motorcycling Myths

Most people are familiar with stories about riding motorcycles, be it positive or negative experiences, but most of them are almost certainly nonsense. Here are some common myths and legends about motorcycling.

  1. Lay down on the bike if it’s going to crash

saferriderschemeThis is very wrong. First of all, the crash is going to happen so quickly, you won’t have time to think about it and do it, and it simply won’t help. Instead, you should slow down as much as you can, use both breaks and stay upright to be able to react.

  1. Race tires will make the bike go faster

Racing tires are different from road tires, and they are created to work when they are hot, to create grip. Since your tires will never reach such high temperatures, they won’t work as well, and you’ll probably end up falling off your bike.

  1. Radar undetectable due to small size

This is simply not true. Smaller size doesn’t mean you’ll dodge the radar and avoid getting a ticket for speeding. In fact with today’s technology, radar are much more accurate than they were before.IMG_4556

  1. It won’t happen to me.

You are never really safe, so you are just lying to yourself if you believe this. Even if you are experienced, and have never gotten into an accident, doesn’t mean it won’t happen someday. It’s better to be prepared for the worst, than to be unprepared at all.

  1. The coating on new tires should be removed by riding with under inflated tires.

The only thing that will happen is you’d fall off and hurt yourself. The tires appear to be covered in coating because of the mold they come out of in the factory. Keep in mind you should never drive with the lower pressure, because then tires flex, and they can be severely damaged.

  1. 18-25 year-olds are the most at risk of crashing and dying

Actually, the biggest group of riders that were killed in motorcycling accidents are between 44 and 55 years of age, according to the NTHSA (National Highway Transport Safety Administration’s). It might seem logical for novices to be the ones with most deaths, but it’s probably men with middle age crisis that end up getting hurt.motorrad-salzburg

  1. If you worry about crashing, you will crash

Of course you shouldn’t fixate on the idea of crashing and possibly hurting or killing yourself, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever think about it and believe you are untouchable either. motorcycling.track-days.mikeschinkel.2003.aprilia.tuono.talladega-al.2005-03-19.photo-033You should always be aware of the possibility that someone might crash into you, or you might not be able to react on time and crash into someone else. Always be prepared and ready for the possibility of a collision, no matter how experienced you are and sure of your capabilities.

These are just a few examples of myths that surround the motorcycling community. You’ve probably heard some of them before, so don’t take too seriously everything you hear, and better check the information somewhere before believing it to be true and spreading it further.

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